PPC Advertising



A highly measurable advertising channel that allows you to track ad spend and ROI down to the last penny.

Instant Visibility

Unlike organic search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC advertising allows your business to show up at the top of Google immediately.


Extensive targeting options enable highly relevant advertising, thus increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

What Are You Looking to Do?

Get Started

I’m new to PPC advertising and I’m looking for help setting up campaigns or ensure my campaigns are running correctly.

Grow Results

I’m already advertising on Google but need help with managing and optimising campaigns to improve performance. I need to increase ROI.

Expand Rapidly

I’m seeking a consultant who can carry out advanced optimisation and implement strategies to achieve maximum results.

All PPC Advertising Plans Include

Tailored Strategies

Time is taken to get to know your business so that creative and cutting-edge solutions can be delivered for your PPC campaigns.

Audience and Bid Management

Understanding audiences is absolutely essential within your search strategy therefore campaigns are monitored in order to improve audience targeting, bid management, creative spend efficiency etc.


Precise and relevant ad creatives are formulated and tailored to markets and audiences. The latest ad copy optimisation tools are used to test and improve performance.

Reporting and Insights

Reports are generated on a regular basis to feed you with everything from executive dashboards to granular audience performance. Performance activity is tracked and reported efficiently so that you always have the resources you need.

Data Driven Decisions

Everything is carefully tracked so that you are aware of how and why you’re seeing performance improvements. This approach results in an increased ROI.

Mobile Optimisation

All ads and campaigns are optimised for mobile devices to ensure the business shows up at the top of the page, regardless of device on which the search is carried out from.

Why Me?

Google Certified

Google AdWords and Analytics certification means that your budget will be spent effectively using techniques recommended by Google.

Highly Experienced

Over 7 years of experience running PPC advertising campaigns for businesses of all sizes and from all industries.

Knowledge Across Sectors

Extensive knowledge of B2B and B2C sectors through running PPC campaigns to generate leads and sales.


“Arham’s knowledge of Facebook and Instagram advertising is second to none. He was able to build social advertising into the biggest sale generator for the business and continues to improve our advertising performance on a daily basis. I would have no hesitation in recommending Arham to other businesses.”

Health and Fitness Client

“We had heard great things about Arham and decided to get in touch because we needed help growing our user base in preparation for outside investment. He created highly targeted Facebook and LinkedIn advertising campaigns that brought in some of our largest clients, as well as countless candidates. 

Our user base had grown over 350% within the first quarter and we were able to secure a £15 million investment!”

Recruitment Tech Client

Let’s Talk

Want some help with your Facebook ads? Call +44 7800 740 284, email info@arhamkhan.com, or send me a quick message via the form below.



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